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Deliberate Destruction of Wales by Nationalists …

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Deliberate Destruction of Wales by Nationalists …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins





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the excellent article below by Paul Embery, with its one example explains the level of destruction being achieved by the perverse and foolish Welsh who are seemingly making a dedicated effort to breed hate in Wales by, to all intents and purpose, creating a divided community based on racial bigotry akin to that of the Afrikanners with their aparteid state and its laws in South Africa.

The Welsh nationalists of the Crachach and their muppets and puppets in organisations like Yes Cymru and Plaid are generating division and hatred by copying virtually every mistake made by the verkrampter Afrikanners, with compulsory teaching of the arcane minority, which had no status beyond the borders of South Africa and it was the imposition of Afrikanns in the education system that led to the SOWETO riots and eventually the overthrowing of the Afrikanns minority who had seized control.

I regularly hear the same mantras from the degenerates in Wales who seem determined to destroy what was a proud Principality, with thjeir insistence on forcing their benighted language, which is only spoken by around 5% of the population and is only a local patois in West Wales and part of the North West – I concede that in an effort not to rile the bullies and bigots, who seek to claim you aren’t Welsh if you don’t speak Welsh when 90% of the peoples of Wales have no use for the language which has become a parochial obsession for the minority, there are unsubstantiated claims that around 20% speak Welsh, when in reality less than 5% have any realistic qualification in Welsh as a language.

Consider the inaccuracy of self proclaiming an ability to speak a language, as when I fill in the census in the next couple of days, should I claim to be able to speak Welsh in that as a small child almost 70 years ago I could speak some Welsh and went to school in Yns Mon crossing the Menai Bridge daily from home in the North of Wales and can still use a few Welsh phrases? That of course would mean I should list other languages I have forgotten in the last 75 years, as I had no further use for them, languages such as Urdu, Hindustani, Arabic, Malay, French, Romanche, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Zulu, Italian all of which I have spoken a little of having lived in countries where they were the majority language.

I for one will only list English as the one language of value that I can cope with relatively well and actually have an everyday use for. Despite the fact that my Grandmother was a monoglot who only spoke Welsh upto about the age of 17, at which stage she rapidly learned English for ease of communication in the adult world, a world beyond the parochial world of her childhood in the Welsh valleys.

In the 40 years since I moved back to Wales, living in Wales by choice rather than by accident of birth, I have never had need for Welsh as 100% of the peoples of Wales speak English as the only common language, and I was at no time seeking employment within the all too parasitic and contrived apartheid system which has contrived to make Welsh a prerequisite for employment – thus failing to consider those most able to do the job unless they speak Welsh! Exactly the same stultifying system was used in South Africa where jobs were reserved for whites only and many jobs were reserved for Afrikanns speakers – They even went so far as to erect a monument to the language in Paarle, thereby ensuring, with compulsion, that it, just like the Irish language, was consigned to history to wither and die as many other minority languages have done before and as others will follow into oblivion in the future.

Already it would seem there is insufficient interest in Welsh to make publishing Welsh in Wales viable, hence the available grants for Welsh publishing and there are no Welsh owned papers of any calibre or note published in the Welsh language in Wales, there are in fact no Welsh owned newspapers of any general consequence published in Wales & those that hide behind a cloak of Welshness are most likely to be owned by such organisaations as the American owned behemoth News Quest! The dirth of responsible balanced journalism in Wales is quite staggering and I note another tedious Welsh Nationalist hageography has slithered onto the market under the guise of The National – about as National as Pork Chops in Mecca! Yet again an American owned publication wherein there wasn’t a word of news – just biased gossip and double page spreads for articles that debatably justify more than a few paragraphs were its journalism of any competence, of so little interest they are wrapped around huge pictures to use up the 47 turgid pages. Clearly it lacked any serious advertising of note or value filled with what looked like amateur adverts, some of very little taste, most probably placed either free or at knock down rates for mates!

I see very little likelihood that News Quest’s money grabbing owners will let this run for very long, even though it is produced on the cheap by republishing articles from its other papers like The Argus Group. Little wonder circulation of ALL Welsh media, whether subsidised by the tax payer or not, is falling like a brick.

The great tragedy of Wales is the bullying & hectoring, not to mention foul mouthed and deceitful Welsh Nationalsts all too obvious damage to Wales and the Welsh peoples as they drive out people of talent and ability to make way for the mediocrity of their placemen, protected in true apartheid style but the subsidising and promotion of Welsh. To realise just how corrupt the entire system has become just consider just study who and what gets grants or watch the tendentious misrepresentation of ‘The Story of Wales’ which is so dishonest in it’s bias as it hop-scotches from Nationalist events and myths to avoidance of facts that don’t fit the narative – as facts go the simple fact that Wales has never been a Nation save for an 8 year period 1,000 years ago when one barbaric tribal brigand had slaughtered his competition in the other tribal regions that comprise what is seen as the Welsh Region.


Neil Kinnock, who dismissed the idea of a ‘Welsh identity’

Neil Kinnock, Labour Party leader between 1983-92, shares my scepticism about the ‘Welsh identity’. Kinnock campaigned successfully against the creation of a Welsh Assembly in 1979, and said of the Welsh identity: “Between the mid-sixteenth century and the mid-eighteenth century Wales had practically no history at all, and even before that it was the history of rural brigands who have been ennobled by being called princes.”

It may well prove a wise move to study the history of Wales, without the bias of Huw Edwards in his ‘Story of Wales’ written with the background of his parent’s role in Plaid and his undeniable abuse of his position in the BBC whilst being a long term emigre from Wales who left on the M4 road to success some 30+ years ago!
See the less embelished and selective presentation of facts about wales CLICK HERE

Briefly may I suggest you consider the difference between Patriotism and the damaging nature of Nationalism below, before considering the damaging example of bullying and deceit in the treatment of James Moore – in just the manner that drives decent folks out of Wales to make way for the scoundrels passed off as Nationalists, sheltering behind the morays of their introspective and parochial aparteid structure:


Another career sacrificed on the altar of progressive opinion

James Moore was forced to leave his NHS post

The reputation of yet another public servant bit the dust this week. James Moore, some sort of higher-up within NHS Wales, committed the ultimate sin – a high crime for which the destruction of one’s career is the only appropriate sentence.

His transgression? Upsetting some people on social media. And, these days, nobody in public life can, having crossed such a line, expect to survive the inevitable fall-out.

In a post on his personal Facebook account, Moore complained about the ‘zealotry’ of Welsh nationalists and likened the treatment of those in the principality who do not speak the native tongue to that of black people in apartheid South Africa. It was a clumsy comparison for sure. Stupid even.

But a sensible response from Moore’s bosses would have been to point out that their colleague was entitled to his personal views, just as others were entitled to disagree with him. Beyond that, it was not a matter for the NHS Wales. Besides, aren’t we currently in the middle of a public health crisis?

These are not sensible times, however. These are times when offending others — regardless of the merit of the point being made — is, of itself, seen as a serious misdeed deserving of punishment. These are times when a city’s police force can position four masked officers in front of a message warning that “Being offensive is an offence” and not comprehend, first, that the statement is inaccurate and, second, how the whole spectacle might be perceived.

Moore’s case follows a well-worn pattern. First, the miscreant must apologise profusely for his foul deed. Then his employer must fire him (or at least issue a strongly-worded statement distancing itself from his views and assuring the world that they do not reflect the organisation’s own values). And, finally, in cases where the target has any sort of public standing, media companies must deny him a platform in the future. And all too often, all three — the offender, the employer and elements of the media — will duly oblige.

The phenomenon feeds on itself, creating a ratchet effect which sees the bar of what constitutes offensive speech set ever lower and the sanctions for transgressing become ever more severe. Petrified of being seen as out of step with ‘progressive’ opinion, no politician, company or institution dare be seen as offering anything less than the fiercest condemnation of offenders.

All of this means that there is a desperate shortage of individuals in public life who are willing to face down the threats of the mob. Most appear content to feed the crocodile in the hope it will eat them last. How refreshing it would be for someone — anyone — to demonstrate a casual indifference when accused of causing offence merely for having expressed a genuinely-held political or moral view. To say, “You’re offended? Oh well. That’s life. I’m sure you’ll get over it.”

None of this is an argument for individuals to cause offence gratuitously. On the contrary, there is no merit at all in setting out to hurt the feelings of others unnecessarily. But if someone claims to be “offended” simply because another has expressed an earnest opinion, then the problem lies squarely with the one taking offence, and no apology – less still the donning of sackcloth and ashes – should be considered owing.

As for James Moore, he has been moved from his post and is facing formal disciplinary action by his bosses. Quelle surprise. His is just another career, another reputation, sacrificed on the altar of establishment gutlessness and a desperate desire to appease those screaming ‘offence’. Unless the rest of us start showing a bit more courage, there will be plenty more.

A couple of COMMENTS:

  • Warren Alexander WARREN ALEXANDER

    I remain surprised that people who work in any form of public life continue to use social media. The most innocent of comments can be deliberately interpreted by the malicious to damage the poster and the ease with which a perfectly innocent, even innocuous post can been seen to be a “hate crime” of some sort is frightening.

  • Alex Lekas ALEX LEKAS

    given current events, the Dr Seuss reference is at once ironic and jarring. He, too, is being judged long after-the-fact over a half-dozen books that appear to be among his least popular titles. In publicly announcing that they’ll no longer be published, the family made a lot of people who were unaware of those books very aware of them, like creating a collector’s box set. I can’t tell if that’s a case of being too clever by half or serious trolling.

  • Fraser Bailey FRASER BAILEY

    Well the personal is political, especially in a totalitarian state like Wales.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

This can not of course be a ‘one-off’ consider the facts related to Keith Hann who helped build one of North Wales’ largest employers, The Iceland chain of stores SEE: https://www.communicatemagazine.com/news/2021/iceland-puts-purpose-first-by-dismissing-corporate-affairs-director/

You may recall it was Malcolm Walker who built the business from it’s original small branch in Wrexham:ICELAND 01 Malcolm WALKER
& Keith Hann spent many years at Malcolm Walker’s side building the business however as his wife has died just a couple of weeks ago I gather his son is running the business in his father’s absence and may have been easily swayedf/intimidated by the bullying of the self serving Nationalist mob – in ignorance of an understanding of free speech and the hard won right to freedom of thought, so very typical of gutter trash on the make!

Wether in the case of Keith Hann, James Moore or others abused and hunted down for their thoughts and dedication to building Wales. Little wonder it is recognised that the road to success for anyone in Wales is the M4 to better opportunities without the corruption of Nationalism & derstruction of the future for Wales, manifest in its lack of exports beyond the rest of the UK or at best via the UK and the paucity of external inward investment where the Regional Assembly could find no-one to invest in an airport in Wales yet has so far squandered over £150M on buying & subsidising Cardiff Airport, with little or no hope of it’s survival let alone prospects of a profit!

And so the destruction continues driven by the crachach and their puppets.


in the interest of accuracy material in the main text in blue was written by someone other than myself.

When in black text the wording ‘Welsh Language’ means the ‘Language of the peoples of Wales’ and is therefore the majority language ie ‘English’

The ancient language of parts of Wales, varied as it is, as spoken by a tiny minority in Wales is called ‘Welsh’ or ‘the ancient Welsh language’

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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